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Friction between various CB Radio Chat crews and family’s continue to intensify as the Android Voice Chat App heads towards its 3rd year of life. It seems that the heat generated from this friction radiated much further then your everyday verbal shelling. If you pointed your browsers to today (Saturday 11/11) you were met with a surprise  Myself as a webmaster, I was met with borderline panic (read my statement at the bottom). The site had been defaced or better stated, the site had been Hacked! Before further elaboration click on the image below to see for yourself.

A Royal Family

A clear statement it was, directed towards the Vampire Cult (Crew). A statement pronounced via The Royal Family. The shelling rippled throughout the CB Radio Chat community as far up as Channel 1 to BMC‘s Channel 26. As the website sat crippled for the entire day,  I believe it would be safe to vouch by saying that a  point was made granted the site receives 1200 monthly visits.  Blue Button assaults turned Cyber Warfare. We have seen a working relationship take root between Royal Family and BMC as well as a general annoyance by crews directed toward Vampire Crew. While this event occurred many crews payed special visits to Royal Family sending “4 and 1’s” left and right to DTA and his Channel 17 Family. While DTA was not prepared to make an official statement at time of writing. Stay tuned.

The Cult

We recently learned of  the crew run by Vampire (formerly known as Terry Evil) titling themselves as “Vampire Cult“.  Vampire previously had success recruiting his populous crew titled “Evil Crew”. While facilitating the Vampire Cult his numbers have not been as impressive as before. Vampires do travel channel to channel, in which seems to be for recruitment purposes and usually leave the channel as a Nemesis. As active as Vampire usually is he was not seen on the app all day Saturday and when contacted on Kakao gave no statement on the matter.   Loyal crew member Hebrew Nemesis 613 commented on behalf of their cult stating. ” I think its really funny…we really pissed them off something fierce. t shows me, that if we are so insignificant, then why go through gh the effort to take down somebody else’s website? It shows me that they had alot of time to find somebody to shut down your (Mobile 3.14’s) website and I guess we are not as insignifant as we say”. What do you think?

Personal Reaction and Thoughts:

Most people were fairly confused in why I took this situation so lightly and was not extremely pissed.  Lets look at it this way, somebody broke into my “house”.

May the wrath of 100,000 botnets squared rain done upon the brow of Sir DTA –Mobile 3.14

Ok I am pissed so what, I move on to fix it. My main concern was the loss of data or deletion of the site. The hack, the idealogy and the community…i dig it. High profile sites get defaced, this is what happens. Upon resurrecting the site, no further damage was assessed so we are all good. Not only I was able to patch up a security flaw.

My 2nd statement on the matter is simple: You can try to hack the website, give it your best shot, I can almost guarantee that you will not be successful, DTA caught me with the side door unlocked. But hey find another door,teach me something new. I do ask that 2 things. No Denial of Service Attacks (dDos dDoxing) and nothing malicious such as deleting data. Suckers….

Technical Data:

  • Attackers IP Address =
  • Attacker begins penetration @ 0204hr EST
  • Attacker successful gains Admin prividleges @ 0238hr EST
  • Site compromised via a tactic that makes use of database communications called SQL Injection
  • 0 CB Radio Chat Forum Accounts were compromised.
  • Site back online just before midnight on Saturday!

10 Responses to “Royal Fam’s DTA Shames Vampire:Deploys Cyber-Warfare Shelling”

  1. lethal.liipsz BMC

    Loadsz of respect Mobile 3.14
    F*** these vampsz
    Shout out to my BMC family
    And peace to the royal fam

  2. OzzyWeed

    Wow, so if you have a problem with a crew, why hack a site that has no direct connection to that crew?

  3. true EvIL kunt

    kitti has been saying she took the *k_u_n_ts* off CB Radio Chat and she got on today and there were 12 *k_u_n_ts* in the box the evil *k_u_n_ts* are here to stay if anyone dont like it bl0w me *female_dogs*

  4. Mobile 314

    As commented on the “Failed Firm” post. Kunts are still alive and well to my knowledge and it is assumed that they will stay this way.

  5. yo mama

    who ever created this site is a lame @3s and should be smacked for it! you have no busyness putting peoples nicknames or anything else up with out there ok. You are a @3sh0le and need to get a life and mind your own !!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Mobile 3.14

      What is your contribution? While you think that over I added your “commenting name”, that you are hiding under, on the user list. Thanks for checking out the site. Have a nice day in TX.


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