Generation Versions 2.2.1 – 2.2.9

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Generation 2.2.x (version 2.2.1 – 2.2.9) presented to us a number of major & interesting evolutions to CB Radio Chat that were both loved & hated. Some major changes to be mentioned include an entirely new User Interface (UI), additional channels & other subtle changes. There are a lot of major things going on in… Read more »

Is CB Radio Chat Down?

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Up as of 0548hr UTC* March 10 , 2014  0525hr UTC – app goes down, first interupt. 0532hr UTC back up, OK 0536hr UTC – down 0538hr UTC – up,sporadic interrupts.   *Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)   CBRC should use Twitter @mobile314    

Life After The Great CB Continental Shift // The After Effects of the No Location & Range Bug

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The Changes & Their Effects On Everyday Use of the App: The Android Voice Chat App, CB Radio Chat, & its embedded community recently experienced a massive change in it’s user experience. We learned that the No Location & Range control was indeed a bug.  An apparent server side glitch, manifesting into the absence of Network Location… Read more »

CB Radio Chat App Update Version 1.9.6

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PLUGMIND released an update which brings us to Version 1.9.6. I think that the community will be happy for this update. I say that because its seems that many people will relate any degrade in app performance (even if it is related to their own network latency)  to the need for an update to be… Read more »

Grey Balls & Impostors Reported

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Wednesday June 13 2012 Widespread Grey Balls Reported: Users across North America reported a number of latency/lag issues across the app approximately from 1200hr EST to 1700hr EST (17:00UTC – 2100UTC). Lag issues translating via Grey Balls/Grey Holed/Grey Balls from hell. It was undetermined if the issue was related to Internet lag or server related issues.  … Read more »