Plugmind’s Statement On CB Radio Chat App Moderators

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There was a brief article written about CB Radio Chat bans. There is just so much chat about banning and moderators. Its all really funny to be quite honest. The humorous part is stemmed from those that are convinced that certain users possess the capacity to ban someone. As much humor is stemmed from those… Read more »

How to – CB Radio Chat Banned: A Quick Overview

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CB Radio Chat Banned is hands down the most talked about subject on CBRC and probably will always be. The two most popular questions/discussions has to be, ‘How do I ban a user on CB Radio Chat?” “How do I get unbanned on CB Chat?” “Why was I Banned?”. Not only is it one of… Read more »

Mass Bans Across Numerous EN Channels Are Reported

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last UPDATED on:Apr 26, 2015 @ 23:17hr UTC PLUGMIND’S response to the recent slew of CB Radio Chat Bans. Unfortunately his response was short, sweet & vague. Hello, all information about banning can be found here: — Best Regards / Pozdrawiamy Users across the app are reporting, in what appears to be, an unusual… Read more »

Summertime Eve’s On CB Radio Chat

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July of 2012 is starting to remind me a bit of July of 2011 on CB Radio Chat in regards to app traffic.  You get these long lulls during the day with a traffic spike during the evening and later evening hours. Even the app Gateway, Channel 1 has experience a drop in traffic, as… Read more »

Blackcracker BANNED

Posted by & filed under Community. from Tennessee AKA Blackcracker has reported and confirmed that as of Tuesday, July 24th, he has been Banned from CB Radio Chat. Update July 25th – Blackcracker reported that PLUGMIND contacted him in regards to his ban. PLUGMIND only stated that he was banned from CB Radio Chat for Break the Terms and Conditions…. Read more »