A Failed Firm

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UPDATED @ 11/17 2310hr EST Catching Up To Speed: Early this week we watched as a number of users resolve themselves into what we know it as “The Firm“. The Firm’s high level of buzz status could be acredited from one of their masterminds. A well known UK talker, Lushy. The Firm’s users rooted from the… Read more »

Youtube Snipes CB Chat Leaks & Opt:Scoompa

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Mere 4 hours after the “guy” began uploading videos to the new CB Radio Chat Channel that has surfaced. This channel being one of the many youtube channels that have surfaced of the past 2.5 years. Although this channel comes with a twist. It seems to visually document the internal battles staged on CB Radio Chat. Channel… Read more »

Blackcracker BANNED

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Balkcracker.2truth.com from Tennessee AKA Blackcracker has reported and confirmed that as of Tuesday, July 24th, he has been Banned from CB Radio Chat. Update July 25th – Blackcracker reported that PLUGMIND contacted him in regards to his ban. PLUGMIND only stated that he was banned from CB Radio Chat for Break the Terms and Conditions…. Read more »

5 Balkcracker.2truth.com’s Seen On CH. 1 {SCREENSHOT}

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On Tuesday, July 10, 5 Balkcracker.2truth.com’s were seen on Channel 1. If you frequent channel 1 on CB Radio Chat, it is not out of the ordinary to see 2 Balkcracker.2truth.com’s that occupy ” The Box ” or the area that displays the current users on a given channel. One coming from Tennessee (AKA: Blackcracker)… Read more »