Skeezer’s in Liverpool, Where’s Danny Dyer?

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Weeks after DANNY DYER failed to turn up after a challenge by DEADHEAD (who was in Liverpool at the time.) Skeezer’s In Liverpool. Danny Dyer Where You At? VIDEO [08/04/2016 @1630hr GMT] Skeezer announced he was in Liverpool.

Version 2.0.7 Change Your Username

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change your username on cbradiochat 2.0.7

CB Radio Chat App update is released 2 weeks earlier then its usual monthly schedule. The version is upgrade to 2.0.7. The unique feature that it offers, different  from versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 is the ability to change your username but at a LIMITED rate. Versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 : Generation LockDown Back in mid… Read more »

CB Radio Chat App Update Version 1.9.6

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PLUGMIND released an update which brings us to Version 1.9.6. I think that the community will be happy for this update. I say that because its seems that many people will relate any degrade in app performance (even if it is related to their own network latency)  to the need for an update to be… Read more »

Blackcracker BANNED

Posted by & filed under Community. from Tennessee AKA Blackcracker has reported and confirmed that as of Tuesday, July 24th, he has been Banned from CB Radio Chat. Update July 25th – Blackcracker reported that PLUGMIND contacted him in regards to his ban. PLUGMIND only stated that he was banned from CB Radio Chat for Break the Terms and Conditions…. Read more »

Southern Attitude Set To Fight Cadillac Kid & Undertaker at Flying J Indianapolis

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DISCLAIMER Southern Attitude Shockwave / Set To Fight Cadillac Kid & Undertaker Sunday Night / Early Monday Morning UPDATED 6:34am EST July 9th Callidac Kid & Undertaker were a no show. UPDATED 1:34am EST July 9th Nothing to report. Cadillac kid and Undertaker are eating at Steak N shake. Nothing heard from southern attitude. UPDATED 1:00am EST July 9th… Read more »