Turner versus Jones – May 2, 2015

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Courtesy of EN CH1 talker –Big Matt–. Special thanks to him for heading this up & for the content creation. For those that are not up to speed in what is going on in EN CH1, to place context on this photo, Then do look forward to the upcoming CBRC Film mock up. I think… Read more »

Public Doxed Via AMG & Monthly Recap

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LAST EDITED ON: 30/04/15 @1607 UTC The past couple weeks have been sensational on CB Radio Chat’s infamous channel 1. Lets do a quick and dirty run down in what has occurred. It was said that the character Public undergoes yet another CB Fallout . Nothing new under the sun wherein the irony is this… Read more »

Lushy Doxed?

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mark a lushington

There has been a war in the UK in the past few months and its seems that Lushy lies within the epicenter of one of these major battles of this war. Lushy a UK citizen is a long time user, who has been a user since version 1.9.5.   Do you believe that Lushy really… Read more »

Likely AMG Responsible For Location Feature Removal

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Intro: Channel 1’s infamous big gun, American Governor, also known as “———-AMG”,  is responsible for the disabling of fine locations in the app. Allegedly, AMG, which at the time was known as “Spaceman”, feverishly made threats to anyone and everybody. He threatened to hunt people down, and stab them, while leaving their body their to… Read more »

Life After The Great CB Continental Shift // The After Effects of the No Location & Range Bug

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The Changes & Their Effects On Everyday Use of the App: The Android Voice Chat App, CB Radio Chat, & its embedded community recently experienced a massive change in it’s user experience. We learned that the No Location & Range control was indeed a bug.  An apparent server side glitch, manifesting into the absence of Network Location… Read more »