How to – CB Radio Chat Banned: A Quick Overview

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CB Radio Chat Banned is hands down the most talked about subject on CBRC and probably will always be. The two most popular questions/discussions has to be, ‘How do I ban a user on CB Radio Chat?” “How do I get unbanned on CB Chat?” “Why was I Banned?”. Not only is it one of… Read more »

Mass Bans Across Numerous EN Channels Are Reported

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last UPDATED on:Apr 26, 2015 @ 23:17hr UTC PLUGMIND’S response to the recent slew of CB Radio Chat Bans. Unfortunately his response was short, sweet & vague. Hello, all information about banning can be found here: — Best Regards / Pozdrawiamy Users across the app are reporting, in what appears to be, an unusual… Read more »

From: mobile3.14 – I’m Still Here

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Missing In Action

Some of your are probably wondering what happened and why I appeared to be MIA and fallen off the face of the earth. Well combining my work schedule with my family schedule leaves little time for pretty much anything. I have been MIA from but believe it or not I do frequent the app… Read more »

No Location / No Range Control Glitch

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UPDATED: 0615 US-EST (UTC/GMT -5 hours) During the month of November, the community of the popular Android Voice Chat Application, CB Radio Chat, noticed something different. The technical difference was very apparent. And not only, it tremendously altered the feel of the app. It gave it a different edge, forgetting not to mention that it made the CB… Read more »

Q&A Time, Is Mobile 314 A Hacker? Google Adsense Banned!

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cb radio chat threats

UPDATE: Google Adsense re-enabled on 10/30 Post comment responsibly. I wanted to take the time to send the entire CB Radio Chat Community a warm hello and cheers.  You guys all rock for spreading the word about the site. My app hiatus was caused by the growth of my business. I received a huge influx of projects and literally spent an entire… Read more »