Version 2.0.7 Change Your Username

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change your username on cbradiochat 2.0.7

CB Radio Chat App update is released 2 weeks earlier then its usual monthly schedule. The version is upgrade to 2.0.7. The unique feature that it offers, different  from versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 is the ability to change your username but at a LIMITED rate. Versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 : Generation LockDown Back in mid… Read more »

What’s New In CB Radio Chat’s Version 2.0.1

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cb radio chat new version update

–UPDATED on MARCH 21 6:33AM UTC A lot of time has passed since the last blog post titled “What’s New In Version 1.9.9” was published. Really working to catch up from where we left off I am still working on a number of unpublished articles of some situations that have gone down in the community but… Read more »

Whats New In the CB Radio Chat Version 1.9.9 Update?

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CB Radio Chat Version 1.9.9 Update is now available This Article was last updated 01/03/2013 @ 1400 U.S EST | UTC -5 PLUGMIND IT CONSULTING released an update for CB Radio Chat, an Android Voice Chat Application. The update came with no surprise as the Android developer, PLUGMIND was known for releasing updates on a monthly… Read more »

Life After The Great CB Continental Shift // The After Effects of the No Location & Range Bug

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The Changes & Their Effects On Everyday Use of the App: The Android Voice Chat App, CB Radio Chat, & its embedded community recently experienced a massive change in it’s user experience. We learned that the No Location & Range control was indeed a bug.  An apparent server side glitch, manifesting into the absence of Network Location… Read more »

No Location / No Range Control Glitch

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UPDATED: 0615 US-EST (UTC/GMT -5 hours) During the month of November, the community of the popular Android Voice Chat Application, CB Radio Chat, noticed something different. The technical difference was very apparent. And not only, it tremendously altered the feel of the app. It gave it a different edge, forgetting not to mention that it made the CB… Read more »