Skeezer’s in Liverpool, Where’s Danny Dyer?

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Weeks after DANNY DYER failed to turn up after a challenge by DEADHEAD (who was in Liverpool at the time.) Skeezer’s In Liverpool. Danny Dyer Where You At? VIDEO [08/04/2016 @1630hr GMT] Skeezer announced he was in Liverpool.

Summertime Eve’s On CB Radio Chat

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July of 2012 is starting to remind me a bit of July of 2011 on CB Radio Chat in regards to app traffic.  You get these long lulls during the day with a traffic spike during the evening and later evening hours. Even the app Gateway, Channel 1 has experience a drop in traffic, as… Read more »

BMC Empty Lawsuit Threats

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Thursday Night On Thursday night the post ” Will the real Johnny Jackson Please Stand up” generate a large number of comments. There was over 20 comments that were disapproved related to falsified user names . The majority of these comments were aimed at slandering the name of Redline. Lawsuit Threats Ironically after the mass spamming that… Read more »