Lushy Doxed?

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mark a lushington

There has been a war in the UK in the past few months and its seems that Lushy lies within the epicenter of one of these major battles of this war. Lushy a UK citizen is a long time user, who has been a user since version 1.9.5.   Do you believe that Lushy really… Read more »

Version 2.0.7 Change Your Username

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change your username on cbradiochat 2.0.7

CB Radio Chat App update is released 2 weeks earlier then its usual monthly schedule. The version is upgrade to 2.0.7. The unique feature that it offers, different  from versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 is the ability to change your username but at a LIMITED rate. Versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 : Generation LockDown Back in mid… Read more »

User & Crew List Updated

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UPDATE: I went back  through all of the CB Chat User and CB Chat Crew List submissions that I have received in the past month or 2 and added them to the list. Apologies for the delay. Usernames: 50+ usernames added Crews: 4 crews added  Phew…….. Don’t see your name or crew? Due to the high volume… Read more »