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PLUGMIND unveiled a number of new features to the new version 2.0.5. There were a number of changes seen in the voice chat app, some that were welcomed & while other changes that were not. PLUGMIND continues to show the CB Radio Chat community a consistent update schedule, a vital variable for ensuring a piece of software grows & remains compatible across the many different android devices.The community remains strong & robust. Bringing in new traffic daily & maintaining its loyal database.

User Interface Change: (Main Screen )

  • Numeric Channels Toggle Added to main screen
  • Language Channel Toggle Added to main screen
  • New Transferring Data Icon
new version main screen cb chat

Menu Option Screen

  • Developer has added a Private Message ability which you can find it labled as (PRIV).
  • In this photo we see the receive private messages (Recieve PRIV) function. un-check to disable.

cb radio chat menu version 205

Private Message Feature Continued

  • Upon clicking the user list there is a toggle button labled (PRIV) which is suppose to be short for (PRIVATE) < no homo
  • Would be fantastic if PLUGMIND would accept Bitcoin or Litecoin for subscription payments.
cb chat userlist PRIV function


Closing Screen Advertisement

  • When you close the app you are now abruptly met with an mobile advertisement, in which you have to manual hit x to remove it. This guy must make a killing off of Google ads.
voice chat app mobile ads

Rumor has it that PUBLIC from Channel 1 always clicks this ad

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