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cb radio chat version 2.3.1

The CB Radio Chat community moved from version 2.2.8 to version 2.3.1 in 2 days flat, bringing us to the Generation of 2.3.x. The public consensus of the community held a negative response to version 2.2.9, with many users downgrading to version 2.2.8. A guide should of been published on the process of this but it did not happen. So when version 2.3.1 was released it came with a breath of fresh air but did not seem to solve everything.  Version 2.3.1 looks sharp and continues to display the design trend we have seen in the past versions. Here is a short review & a couple of changes that were noticed that differed from the previous verisons. (If i missed anything and/or described a detail incorrectly let me know in the comments section below)


  • Usernames now display and fit on the screen properly
  • Removal of the small sending message arrow  ↗
  • User interface is smooth and responsive when manipulated
  • Red X and Skip button sit under talk button when device rotates into landscape mode.
  • Activity circle is displayed when CB Radio Chat is first started and when the app looses connection with the internet. It shows more often then before so users get nervous.
  • Links are now colored purple once again.


When a channel gets busy it still seems more difficult to get a blue button. It was speculated that when Plugmind released version 2.2.9 he made algorithmic changes to the queue. In other words he made changes in the math that sorts the incoming messages and directs when a user can get a blue button again (when user can transmit/talk) Again this is just speculation and Plugmind has not commented. Although reports vary from user to user it still seems like “fighting for a blue” is more so prevalent then what it was when 2.2.8 and prior.

More articles and updates to come! We have a video in the works of Channels 1’s most recent total and utter blowout – Lushy,Jarhead,Gangaman versus Davy Jones, BingBong, etc . For the most part, all content has been collected. Now it just has to be put together in a playful manner and with the hopes that it brings a laugh.

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