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The developer makes CB Radio Chat accessible to low vision & visually handicapped users.  The redesigned buttons also happen to follow a Graphic/Web design trend.

cb radio chat handicap version update

// begin sarcasm here

The developer of CB Radio Chat continues to release new updates. The version 2.1.8 version was one of the more significant changes that the app has seen in quite some time. The significant change came to the user interface (UI). You will quickly notice that the buttons and font are larger. In fact much larger. So this is me sending my special thanks to the developer for meeting the needs of Handicaps, in whom have visual impairments. The buttons also fair well with knobby fingered users that are found in certain parts UK & in the southern portions of the united states. Speaking for myself however, the larger buttons will make it easier to be able to continue driving (technically) illegally in certain states. Driving while operating a motor vehicle. On a more serious note, this User Interface change comes with no surprise. I personally think it looks great. In the web design world, we see a trend in over-sized buttons both for aesthetic purposes and a large part to cater to tablet users. CBRC downloads via tablets have most likely increased. Other updates, that are noticeable to the end user and that should be mentioned that were not covered here include:

  • First launch tutorial: An introductory tutorial in how to use the app.
  • Audio volume auto-leveling: Optimization to the audio recording algorithm, wherein that any silence or low sounds are not recorded. This has been observed and compared with the most recent working version. Basically,  even with the “Stop recording if silence is detected” unchecked, dead key ups are not possible. Imagine this was put into place to”improve user experience” and also im sure it must save on over all throughput bandwidth to the hosting server that is responsible for putting messages in queue and sending them out.

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