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Happy 4th of July for all of those I did not get a chance to shout out to!

No Profanity In Comments But Still Comment The S*h1*t out of the boards

No lecture here folks. Commenting on post  is encouraged and anonymity is great. I built the commenting system this way, not requiring registration to mimic CB Radio Chat. Although please refrain from using profanity in your comments, let me rephrase that. Censor them cleverly. I pay for this website’s domain registration and hosting out of pocket, so I had to place Ads on the site, which still does not cover all the cost or time put into building this. Google Adsense has given me 2 warnings as profanity is against their rules and conditions. Keep that in mind when comment and comment the S*h1t out of the boards people.

New Mobile Friendly Website

Special thanks to everyone for your support and interest in . You may have noticed that the website has a completely different look to it . It loads 30% faster and has an easy to use navigation drop down menu. I never expected to receive so much traffic and e-mails on the site so orginally, I threw up an old template that I had lying around on my HDD. I am quite pleased with this new theme as it is a “Responsive website”. When visiting from a mobile browser you will automatically be served a mobile version of the site. I am quite obsessed with the page load speed when I build sites. Especially for, as 80% of you guys use your smart phones to view it which takes a bit longer to load, then your desktop computer.  I actually loose 25 percent of traffic related to a slow loading page, which could be a combination of things, one being its not a full size computer.

cb radio chat app

All graphics belong to and PLUGMIND

Channel 1

Channel 1 still ranks as the most highly trafficked channel  and the channel 1 regulars are still holding it down, cleaning up shop and running trolls out as necessary.  I hope to get an article out here soon on what I believe it to be as “The Channel 1 Mentality”.

Mister Core Versus Jody –

Mister Core 37Jody 3 . Complete obliteration. The funny thing is that Mister Core reported that one of the 3 votes for Jody came from Mister Core himself, what a guy.  Judgeing from the comments, a conclusion is drawn that Jody is indeed a female name. Comments on that Jody?

Island Boy Proclaims partial Italian Heritage.

Island Boy wants tobe known as ” IslandBoy %90 Italiano”. He says that he is only %90 italian because  he does not have small [email protected] like italians do. 

New Redline Crew Forms As Redline reorganizes


What’s New?

Updated “Whats CB Radio Chat” after getting in touch with PLUGMIND and the innerworkings of the app.

Updated User List

a never ending beast it seams and was happy that CH. 7 took interest in the User List and accumulate over 50 user names in one night. Many of them coming from Owner of Mob6 Mz.newbreed Babysis. So big time shout out to her and the whole Mob6 Crew.

Decked Out Mob6 Crew Page

Not only has Owner of Mob6 Mz.newbreed Babysis been a huge contributor in many parts of the site but also has sent me a ton of content for her crew allowing me to put some meat on their page. You should check out their record label and music. Legit, none the less. So attention crews, get in touch with me with content for your crew page. kakao works but e-mail is more ideal.

Updated Crew List

Ozzyweed is a huge contributor in keeping me posted in which crews are popping up all over the channels.

Added Sitemap and Search Feature –

A quick reference for everysingle, page, post, category and tag posted on the site.

4 Responses to “New Mobile Friendly Site! Whats New July 6”

  1. graves

    against my better judgement i joined redline. i wasn’t going to join a crew but i liked some of the people there, and can’t stand the new redline jokes.after seeing the politics that comes along with being in a crew and the hypocrasy i dropped my tag. f c k being in a crew ! f c k the politics! f ck the hypocracy and f ck a tag! and most of all f c k the world!!!!!!!

  2. graves

    island boy is the sh t!!! idc how much most of ya’ll hate him , he makes me lmao!!!


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